STUDY DAY | Calligraphy in Arabic Script: From Museum Collections to Contemporary Practice

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Calligraphy in Arabic script, both in historic collections of Islamic Art and in Modern and Contemporary Art from the Middle East and its diaspora, are an important aspect of many museum and library collections across the UK. Without specialist expertise, however, it can be problematic for many museum professionals to present these collections. Yet, these same collections have huge potential to engage a range of audiences, in particular Muslim communities to whom Arabic script is directly linked to the written record of God’s revelation to the Prophet Mohammed and is the language of the Quran.

In this study day leading experts will present key aspects of national collections and developments in Arabic calligraphy through Modern and Contemporary practice. They will examine and explore key aspects of this form of calligraphy and as well as considering its presentation to a range of audiences.

Speaker panel is formed by Venetia Porter, Nur Sobers-Khan, Daniel Lowe and Soraya Syed.